When Moments of Imperfection Become Blessings!

My Entire Brood 2 days after Hudson's Birth

My Entire Brood 2 days after Hudson's Birth


As parents

We try

And we try

And we try.

There are times we hit the mark

There are times we bomb out.

No matter how old we are

Or wise we become

We are still as vulnerable to faltering

As we were during those first years

Those first days

Those first moments

With that tender new life in our hands.


However things go

No matter how many mistakes we make

Let us always ensure

Our children

And our grandchildren

Know we love them unconditionally

Despite ourselves!

I am so blessed to have

3 Incredible Daughters, Roanne, Sara, and Amber

Who have walked with me through painful, joyful, and tearful times

I am incredibly blessed to have

7 Precious Grandchildren in my life:






Parker James

& Hudson (who is turning 1 this next week).

They continue to bring more Love & Joy

Into my life than I ever thought possible.

And yes

I am still making mistakes

Even as Grandma

Even as Granny Pants.

But despite my many imperfections

Children remind me to

Retain my curious nature

To remember to always search for more

To never settle for the ordinary or the mundane

And to always maintain my humility.


I had a moment like that this week

It reminded me to take a breath

To step back

To listen

And to learn a lesson

From my eldest grandchild, Elora.

She taught me diplomacy

And tact

And perspective

And wisdom

Through the power of her written words.

Yes, all of this

Started with yet another

Moment of


But tonight

I feel so blessed

And promise to remember

Elora’s words and

Her wisdom

And try just a little bit harder

To be a better person

The next time around.

Thank you Elora!

I Love You So!

You are an incredible young woman

I am so grateful you are in my life!

Love, Your Grandma


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The Backfire No One is Talking About

Everyone Wants To Get In On The Action!

Everyone Wants To Get In On The Action!

When something becomes taboo, it is normal for curiosity to follow. If a child sees something hidden from them, they naturally gravitate towards it.

The curiosity to know is human nature and no one demonstrates this better than a child.

When children are told they can do something that others cannot, those who are left out feel like the losers, even if it is just the ‘purple cup’ . They will try to get whatever it is, no matter how insignificant it may be.

I remember when my four siblings and myself used to fight over the ‘baby spoon’. Who cares! We cared! It was special because only one person could have it when we ate our cereal in the morning. As I reflect back today, it must have drove our Mother crazy.

We all want to have access to what others have. When we feel left out of this equation, we will end up focusing more attention on whatever it is we don’t have to change the feelings of being left out. Deep down, we all want to belong and yet at the same time we still want to feel special too. 

When a child cannot eat what other kids eat at school, it is almost guaranteed they are going to figure out a way to get that food, even if it means swapping, because the other kids will want what ‘novelty’ they have too!

When a parent has an ‘off-limits’ area in the house, a child will try to find a way to get in. Curiosity, the desire to belong, and the desire to feel special are powerful motivators.

Creating a more ‘matter of fact’ approach around ‘off-limits’ areas will minimize the attention they get. Unsafe, unhealthy, and unproductive items and behaviors can easily be avoided if they are made unimportant and unattractive by removing them from sight, sound, and suspicion.

Out of sight out of mind is usually a safer, more effective approach. Especially if it is combined with engaging, healthy alternatives!

Following this train of thought, isn’t it interesting that President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren caused such a stir from people who viewed it as taboo and against their political ideology.

Unfortunately, what could have been a ‘matter-of-fact’ moment became a highly publicized and politicized event. It garnered more attention as a result and really in the end, what was a very productive speech to empower schoolchildren to take responsibility for their education, surely caused some students across the country to feel very left out!

Is this really the result parents were looking for?

Next time a parent is so afraid of something they don’t want their children to be exposed to, maybe they shouldn’t give it so much attention!

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Music To My Ears

There are a few sounds

That make me grateful to be alive:

The joyful cries of parents

The moment a child is born;

The sounds of children laughing

No matter what age they are;

The first time someone calls me “Mommy”

Or “Grandma”

Or “Granny Pants”.

But one of the most gratifying sounds

I have ever heard

Is the sound of parents

Tenderly caring for

And guiding The Apple of My Eyetheir child

Using direct, affectionate language.

These moments gratify me

Because I know that child

Will grow up feeling loved;

That child will have

The support they need in life;

That child will have

A better chance in every way.

These moments give me hope

Because I know there are

So many other children

Who don’t have patient parents,

Who don’t have loving environments,

Who don’t have parents who make them accountable.

Yet at least one more

Child in the world

Has better odds

Because they have loving


Who are teaching them to survive!


Loving parents

Are music to my ears.

I am fortunate to be around

Two of these parents every day

At this time in my life.

Thank you Andrew and Sara

For taking such good care

Of my Grandson Hudson!

(Grandchild # 7)

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