Music To My Ears

There are a few sounds

That make me grateful to be alive:

The joyful cries of parents

The moment a child is born;

The sounds of children laughing

No matter what age they are;

The first time someone calls me “Mommy”

Or “Grandma”

Or “Granny Pants”.

But one of the most gratifying sounds

I have ever heard

Is the sound of parents

Tenderly caring for

And guiding The Apple of My Eyetheir child

Using direct, affectionate language.

These moments gratify me

Because I know that child

Will grow up feeling loved;

That child will have

The support they need in life;

That child will have

A better chance in every way.

These moments give me hope

Because I know there are

So many other children

Who don’t have patient parents,

Who don’t have loving environments,

Who don’t have parents who make them accountable.

Yet at least one more

Child in the world

Has better odds

Because they have loving


Who are teaching them to survive!


Loving parents

Are music to my ears.

I am fortunate to be around

Two of these parents every day

At this time in my life.

Thank you Andrew and Sara

For taking such good care

Of my Grandson Hudson!

(Grandchild # 7)


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  1. Mom of Three replied:

    This is very sweet. It’s not always easy to have that patience! Lol. I pray every day to be able to do right by them. Blessings on your grandson Hudson.

    • grannypants replied:

      I agree! Patience and consistency are the two hardest and most important things to maintain in parenting and no one can do this 100%! I can tell you stories….. Sounds like you are a conscientious Mom, which makes your children blessed as well! THanks

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