The Backfire No One is Talking About

Everyone Wants To Get In On The Action!

Everyone Wants To Get In On The Action!

When something becomes taboo, it is normal for curiosity to follow. If a child sees something hidden from them, they naturally gravitate towards it.

The curiosity to know is human nature and no one demonstrates this better than a child.

When children are told they can do something that others cannot, those who are left out feel like the losers, even if it is just the ‘purple cup’ . They will try to get whatever it is, no matter how insignificant it may be.

I remember when my four siblings and myself used to fight over the ‘baby spoon’. Who cares! We cared! It was special because only one person could have it when we ate our cereal in the morning. As I reflect back today, it must have drove our Mother crazy.

We all want to have access to what others have. When we feel left out of this equation, we will end up focusing more attention on whatever it is we don’t have to change the feelings of being left out. Deep down, we all want to belong and yet at the same time we still want to feel special too. 

When a child cannot eat what other kids eat at school, it is almost guaranteed they are going to figure out a way to get that food, even if it means swapping, because the other kids will want what ‘novelty’ they have too!

When a parent has an ‘off-limits’ area in the house, a child will try to find a way to get in. Curiosity, the desire to belong, and the desire to feel special are powerful motivators.

Creating a more ‘matter of fact’ approach around ‘off-limits’ areas will minimize the attention they get. Unsafe, unhealthy, and unproductive items and behaviors can easily be avoided if they are made unimportant and unattractive by removing them from sight, sound, and suspicion.

Out of sight out of mind is usually a safer, more effective approach. Especially if it is combined with engaging, healthy alternatives!

Following this train of thought, isn’t it interesting that President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren caused such a stir from people who viewed it as taboo and against their political ideology.

Unfortunately, what could have been a ‘matter-of-fact’ moment became a highly publicized and politicized event. It garnered more attention as a result and really in the end, what was a very productive speech to empower schoolchildren to take responsibility for their education, surely caused some students across the country to feel very left out!

Is this really the result parents were looking for?

Next time a parent is so afraid of something they don’t want their children to be exposed to, maybe they shouldn’t give it so much attention!


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