10 Ways Every Adult Can Support a Breastfeeding Mother


People in a Mother's Environment Influence Her Breastfeeding Success or Failure

People in a Mother's Environment Influence Her Breastfeeding Success or Failure

“1. WHENEVER YOU SEE A NURSING MOTHER,  PRAISE HER FOR HER CHOICE TO BREASTFEED. For new mothers, the first few weeks can be a challenging adjustment, but difficulties do not mean failure. Persistence will result in success and many, many precious moments. (If a new mother has questions or doubts, encourage her to seek help from informed and knowledgeable professionals or successful, experienced nursing mothers instead of from trendy blog posts or mothers who did not have breastfeeding success. (For a reputable site, go to: http://www.llli.org/)

2. BE AWARE THAT THERE CAN BE RISKS IN INTRODUCING ANYTHING OTHER THAN BREASTMILK DURING THE FIRST SIX MONTHS. Risks may include a higher incidence of illnesses, ear infections, all allergies, obesity, diabetes, diarrhea, malnutrition, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

3. REINFORCE MOTHER THAT SHE HAS  PLENTY  OF MILK FOR HER BABY. Remind her that breast milk is produced by supply and demand. Supplementing her baby with other fluids will reduce a mother’s milk supply. Plenty of healthy fluids help mother produce plenty of milk. (Offer a breastfeeding mother a glass of water, milk, or juice every time she sits down to nurse.)

4. PROVIDE NURSING MOTHERS WITH A COMFORTABLE & SUPPORTIVE PLACE TO FEED her baby without shame or self-consciousness—even in public.

5. OFFER TO HELP MOTHERS WITH NON-FEEDING NECESSITIES like cooking, cleaning, and shopping so mothers can rest and enjoy dedicated feeding and crucial bonding moments with their babies.

6. INSIST THAT ALL THOSE AROUND A MOTHER  REFRAIN  FROM CONVERSATIONS THAT INSTILL DOUBT IN HER MILK SUPPLY. If a mother is feeling nervous, frustrated, inadequate, or fearful that she is starving her baby, her ‘let-down reflex’ may not release her milk, due to a stress response—even when she has plenty of milk! Babies with a higher need to suck are not necessarily hungry and may benefit from a pacifier or a frontal baby carrier in-between feedings.

7.  ENCOURAGE A MOTHER TO EXTEND HER TIME AT HOME WITH HER BABY BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK. Encourage mother to continue nursing while working with a breast pump and supportive caregivers/employers.

8.  PLAN AHEAD FOR TRAVEL STOPS during outings, vacations, or extended travel. Normal stops are about every two hours for feedings and diaper changes.

9. VISIT THE MOTHER AT HOME. Bring the entertainment to Mom, or make it easy for her to get out with her baby. Do not pressure a mother to leave her baby at home during feeding times.

10. ALWAYS TELL A BREASTFEEDING MOTHER THAT SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS. Maintain a socially acceptable attitude towards a mother’s body image and physiological changes during the breastfeeding period because this first year is the most important investment in a child’s health and development.


 From Chapter 3

THE NEW PHYSICS OF CHILDHOOD: Replacing Modern Myths with Simple Strategies 


by Christina Ivazes, a.k.a. Granny Pants  © 2009


While THE NEW PHYSICS OF CHILDHOOD explores all stages of a child’s life from fetus to adult, Chapter 3 covers the many myths surrounding breastfeeding today. These myths are exposed to give babies and mothers a better chance to succeed in their breastfeeding relationship. 


What we really need to have healthier children is more support for parents to make better choices!


Please pass this important information on to anyone you feel will benefit, while respecting copyright laws.





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The “Toe Sugar” That Just Keeps on Givin’

Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes

Sweet baby toes
EVERY baby has them
And everyone who spots them
Senses their
Nothing quite like them
Newly toddling toes
So full of themselves
They can barely fit into their
Struttin’ skin
Without poppin’!
With scrumptious morsels in my life
I prefer to defer the winter cold
Which promises to deny me these tasty treats
When they are bundled and wrapped and hidden away.
Toe tastiness                                                   
A Single Foot is Better Than No Foot At All

A Single Foot is Better Than No Foot At All

A challenge to capture
Rapidly toddling from one thing to the next
Anxiously exploring every corner of their world.
How is it that each baby
Is the most precious and
Perfect angel since time began?
How is it that each
Toddler foot
In its chubby
Is the most
Irresistable of God’s creations?
For those who have their own
Delectable “Toe Sugar”
Please share!
This is NO contest
It is a forum for the blessed!
Feel free to offer your toddler toes
Toes on Blue

Toes on Blue

In a variety of settings
To offer new and beautiful ways to appreciate their yumminess!
This has been the perspective of an extremely biased Grandmother!
Granny Pants

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