The “Toe Sugar” That Just Keeps on Givin’

Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes

Sweet baby toes
EVERY baby has them
And everyone who spots them
Senses their
Nothing quite like them
Newly toddling toes
So full of themselves
They can barely fit into their
Struttin’ skin
Without poppin’!
With scrumptious morsels in my life
I prefer to defer the winter cold
Which promises to deny me these tasty treats
When they are bundled and wrapped and hidden away.
Toe tastiness                                                   
A Single Foot is Better Than No Foot At All

A Single Foot is Better Than No Foot At All

A challenge to capture
Rapidly toddling from one thing to the next
Anxiously exploring every corner of their world.
How is it that each baby
Is the most precious and
Perfect angel since time began?
How is it that each
Toddler foot
In its chubby
Is the most
Irresistable of God’s creations?
For those who have their own
Delectable “Toe Sugar”
Please share!
This is NO contest
It is a forum for the blessed!
Feel free to offer your toddler toes
Toes on Blue

Toes on Blue

In a variety of settings
To offer new and beautiful ways to appreciate their yumminess!
This has been the perspective of an extremely biased Grandmother!
Granny Pants

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