Environmentally Friendly Choice

This poster is awesome! It says it all! These are available through the following link: http://www.mumsmilk.org/posters.htm  THIS is the kind of thing we should be seeing on billboards, don’t you think? There are also many other precious posters available through the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Enjoy! Spread the Good Word and Spread these Precious Images!  These days, it seems I am back in breastfeeding la la land! As my life with children continually passes through many phases from pregnancy through the teenage years, all I can say about this current moment is Sweet, Sweet, Sweet and how lucky and blessed I am!

Granny Pants



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  1. Melodie replied:

    Fabulous poster! I am interested in using media to increase breastfeeding rates and raise public acceptance of nursing in public. I’ve written a bit about it on my university application for getting my MSW. If the system won’t insist on doctors and nurses getting mandatory breastfeeding education during their schooling then the media in North America needs to increase consciousness-raising breastfeeding messages and images to the general public. This is a great start! Australia can be so far ahead of NA in so many ways.

    • grannypants replied:


      Yes, I love this poster and the others on the link. I, too as a former breastfeeding mom and former La Leche League leader consider myself a Lactivist as well. (I love that title from your twitter site!) In my efforts to increase public support of breastfeeding, I have included key information in my new book, but specifically the last blog post on “10 Ways Every Adult Can Support a Breastfeeding Mother.” Feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel can benefit from copying it and passing it onto a partner, parent, in-laws, friends, co-workers, etc.. It DOES take a village and with efforts like ours, hopefully we can return to a state of normalcy regarding the best beginning in life for our children. PS Thanks for the Twitter follow!

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