Smart Snack/Meal from a Gas Station?

U.S. gas stations are notorious for carrying both the most highly processed and preserved food while also saving our lives with this processed food during those all too common moments of poor planning. Most importantly, they save our sanity when we are suffering from “hungry kid syndrome!” No one wants to be in a car with a kid that is beyond reasoning because they are crashing due to low blood sugar. Remember that most kids, especially when they are under three, don’t realize they are irritable or cranky because they are hungry. That is our job as caregivers, to know this. So, if you find yourself in this situation and want a real remedy that everyone won’t pay for later because you caved in and gave them the sugar, here is a way to make it work. Remember that hungry kids are also more open to eating new things if they have no other choice and you are already driving down the road!  You just have to think about these little details—A captive audience is a more receptive one!

But can you really find a decent meal for your kids in a gas station mini-mart? I am here to say, Yes!

While traveling with my 3 little girls, I was successful in finding a few items that actually make a quite healthy, balanced meal that you can find in almost any gas station or mini-mart. Now these foods are not preservative free, but they will do the trick without creating a future melt-down situation later on. There are no sugar spikes with these meals.

*Cottage cheese & Doritos-Yes, Doritos! I know, it doesn’t seem right, but actually,


Doritos can be the lesser of many evils when they are scooping up cottage cheese.

in a pinch when you need a quick boost, this is actually a substantial snack and almost a meal if you  add one of those bananas at the check-out for dessert. I have turned-on numerous kids and picky teenagers to this idea. It is actually very good and full of protein and calcium with the carbs and bit of fiber from the Doritos. Yumm!!!!

*Cottage Cheese & Red Salsa mixed together, then dip with regular tortilla chips (This replaces the Doritos because the salsa adds flavor to the cottage cheese.) This is also very yummy!!!! Top it off with apple juice. All of your taste buds will be satisfied and your body nourished!


Avocado-One of Natures Most Perfect Foods & Easy Meal/Snack

 *If you have access to an avocado, I mush it in the skin before opening it up,then, use the skin as the bowl & dig out the flesh that is now soft enough for dipping  with either a Ruffled Potato Chip or a Tortilla Chip. Another yummm!!!!

The 3 above on-the-road snacks have been tested and passed with flying colors by many!!!!! TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT!!!   


Cottage Cheese-Another perfect food

Remember that every gas station has those little mini containers of cottage cheese that make a healthy snack/meal in a pinch!  No regrets…… (BTW- Small curd is best.)

And remember that these snacks are also good at home, during a picnic or a hike, whenever, wherever!


OK, now I’m hungry!


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