Give ’em soup, soup, and more soup!


Fish Chowder

The easiest way to clean the fridge and nourish your kids in the winter is to pull everything out, cut up the little pieces of unused veggies, meats or fish if you choose, take a blender and blend 2 onions with water & some fresh garlic too if you have it. Throw it all in a pot and cook it. Begin serving toddlers soup & broth so they acquire an appreciation for the soothing, nourishing qualities of a good soup broth. 

Last night I was reminded of how easy and important it is to expose little ones to the goodness of soup. Ella just sat there in her high-chair, with her own little spoon, as I fed her with another. I made sure there was plenty of broth in every mouthful. Pretty soon, determined to learn to enjoy this delicious fish soup broth by her own hand, she fumbled a bit and eventually found a way to savour a few drops by tipping her spoon upside down into her mouth. She repeated this unlikely maneuver for about 10 minutes, slurping and spilling and enjoying every drop (while her bib caught the rest). 

Nothing makes my heart toastier than watching children eat the nourishing food I prepare for them. This was one of those moments. Little Ella is clearly a fan of fish soup and I was comforted by knowing that this particular fish soup made from a whole fish, the fish liver (incredibly rich in Vitamin D & other nutrients), leeks, potatoes, carrots, onion and a little cream was just what her body needed. 


Vegetable Soup can be made from most any vegetables in the fridge

Don’t wait for the perfect ingredients. Experiment with what you have. When the vegetables are almost cooked, you can add the bits of leftover uncooked pasta, making it even more attractive to kids. Whether it’s lentils, pasta, rice, or potatoes, there is always something around you can pop in after the veggies to make a soup heartier. 

Remember the onions! This is the secret to flavor and garlic is great too! (Of course, chicken broth is a good back-up.) Then there’s the bits of lettuce, parsley, spinach, 1/2 tomatoes, etc…….. Every bit makes the soup and the broth more delicious and more nourishing! 

ENjoy and do not underestimate the value of teaching little ones to appreciate soup broth!!!!!!  Yummmmmm….


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