Who is Granny Pants?

Me and My Grandson Hudson (Grandchild #7)
Me and My Grandson Hudson (Grandchild #7)

A slice of my life experience as it relates to children: I am the oldest of five children, the mother of three grown daughters and the grandmother of seven.  I have been a married stay-at-home mom and a struggling single mother also. I had two homebirths and attended the births of six of my grandchildren. I have been a babysitter, nanny, pre-school teacher, after school program teacher, junior high and high school teacher, community organizer of youth and involved with the lives of children around the world, most recently with children and families from Mexico in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Creative expression morphs into various forms throughout my day, my life. All forms while changing, come from the same material: Me! These expressions of me are writing, storytelling, blogging, photography, recycled art objects, cooking, creating fun, crafting for my three daughters and seven grandchildren, gardening, and more. Recycled creations get me the most excited!

Passion is a double-edged sword for me!  It powers my engine, yet it can also get me into trouble if I don’t let my thoughts idle for a while. 

Advocating for those who don’t have a voice is the constant and strongest thread in my fabric; especially children, teens, the elderly, and immigrant populations. I love public speaking and relish any chance I have to share with others.

My former identities (and there are many) flavor who I am, yet none define me.

I am Blessed with an extremely wonderful and accepting husband, my daughters and grandchildren. I am the eternal mother and proud of it! When I think of the hundreds+ children and teenagers I have had the blessing of connecting with in my life, I feel like the luckiest person on earth!

“Celebrate Each Day!”


One Comment

  1. Kathy Dutcher replied:

    That discribes you quite well except for the fact of your first family you left out completely! The oldest sibling of Five. Second to the youngest replying.
    Love you!

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