Ask Granny Pants

We all make mistakes and hopefully learn from those mistakes. In my life, I have found that if I surround myself with those people who exemplify how I want to be, my role models and mentors, I raise the quality of my own life and effectiveness. I also read books about people who have learned to conquer adversity, people who are devoted to serving others. These books give me strength, perspective and inspiration.

Most everything I have learned from the school of hard knocks and I am still learning every day from each person I come in contact with. I am not perfect and I am not an expert in every area, though I do have a unique perspective from the variety of educational and training experiences I have had, and from the multitude of homes, countries and socioeconomic situations I have been in. Each person, each family, each community and country offers its own special wisdom that becomes my own as I absorb it. I like to think that if something is working, it is worth investigating and learning from. When a culture has children who suffer from high rates of depression and another does not, I want to know why. I figure out what the key ingredients are and then bring that wisdom to the society and the people in need.

I look forward to your questions and to the challenge of learning more as I share what I know and am continuing to explore.

Granny Pants


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