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Granny Pants & Hudson (grandbaby #7)

In order to scale down my online time and to be more effective and helpful to parents on a daily basis, I have moved away from this blogsite. You are invited to preview my Facebook Page: Granny Pants’ Daily Parenting Tips at   

I now have parents from 9 countries following my daily tips!  Come and join our awesome group. (There is no solicitation involved, only sharing.) If you like what you see, become a follower and get Granny Pants’ Daily Parenting Tips on your Facebook page to read and share with other parents as you see fit.

These are not trendy tips that will be here today and found out to be disastrous for our children and society tomorrow!  Granny Pants’ Daily Parenting Tips come from a preventive philosophy developed over 35+ years of experience  teaching, raising, and caring  for children of all ages from across the globe. 

Tips are also aligned with my book, The New Physics of Childhood: Replacing Modern Myths with Simple Strategies.

Parenting does not have to be as complicated as we make it out to be sometimes. When we focus on the basics, our children won’t exhibit many of the symptoms that DO complicate family life!  

See you on Facebook!  “Celebrate Every Day!”

Granny Pants


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Coke or Pepsi or Formula or Rum-TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

Coke, Pepsi, Formula, Rum-Take The Challenge to Find Out Why They Are Basically the Same!


Ok! This is not for the faint of heart. If you choose to remain in denial, that is your choice, but your children do not have a choice if you choose what they consume do they?

TAKE THE CHALLENGE! I CHALLENGE YOU TO WATCH THIS VIDEO & NOT TO CHANGE YOUR DIETARY BEHAVIOR!!!!! But you have to watch it in full to discover every single piece of this life-saving puzzle. It is 1 1/2 hrs. long and worth every single second! Pass it on to anyone you know.

Comfortable ignorance is costing us and our children. 

Thank you for spreading the word!

P.S. I am NOT receiving financial gain from this video endorsement!

Granny Pants

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Leftover Oatmeal Never Tasted So Good!

It is obvious there is a recurrent theme with this blog and a whole lot more I can share that I have been holding out on. I just realized that I have been subconsciously focusing on the theme of food and eating, starting with breastfeeding, the first food–if a kid is so lucky! Then, there is the blogpost on the delectable toes of my grandson; and then we are back to breastfeeding again.  I guess I just couldn’t see the forest for the trees, but now it is all clear to me.

It is time to move on to more exciting edible topics that can be enjoyed by others, not just nursing babies. Every day I am discovering, sharing, and sneaking new and healthy foods into the bodies of children (and adults). I have finally decided to reveal these secrets as they show up in my life. No more holding out; no more recipes that I forget to write down because I never measure the ingredients. No more dreams by others for me to write a cookbook. (A cookbook is something I have never had the desire to write!) There are too many secrets that I have developed through the years that I could not even begin to put them into my book, The New Physics of Childhood without turning it into a cookbook, so I settled for the references of other wonderful cooks that have nourishing recipes and I will dedicate this blog to my own spontaneous concoctions which I would rather not call recipes because that is far too formal for what I will be sharing.  I don’t want to intimidate the free flowing process of cooking creativity. I also reserve the right to share the ideas of others as they come to me with full credit to the clever cook, whomever they may be, though I will probably not be sharing their recipes either, just the basic ideas and links if there are any.  

Because this is NOT a book I will NOT promise to be accurate, but I will promise that what I do share will be nourishing and clever and creative and sneaky and tasty and even pretty darn easy! I can’t stand doing anything that takes more time than it has to, with the exception of heating up children’s food in a hot water bath instead of a microwave oven, thought this actually only takes about 2-3 minutes longer in most cases, so I don’t see the problem there. Children need to learn to wait a little bit longer for things these days anyway. I also can’t stand cooking anything that has to be measured, involves waste, includes unnecessary spending or unnecessary dirty dishes.  

Sneaking extra nourishment into everything I cook has gone on for most of my life; it has become a second nature that I cannot separate from cooking itself.  

It all started with my mother, actually I thought it started with my father, but I realized that before my mother died when I was 12, she had already introduced me to the book by Adelle Davis, “Let’s Have Healthy Children“. When I was married and then responsible for cooking for a family of my own, I immediately purchased a copy and memorized the food charts and ingredients for the next several years. This became my formative training in fortifying the foods I prepared for my children. That was  35 years ago and I have been studying, learning, and experimenting ever since.  

This is a casual format so I can make sure to get the ideas down without procrastinating for the perfect time to make it “look pretty.”  

Basic and simple!   

I always figured there are so many great cooks and chefs and foodies out there that have enough bright ideas, but perhaps there are a few that you may find useful in this blog.  

My first tried and true idea is this:  

Putting leftover cooked oatmeal in pancake batter (add a little more baking soda and baking powder to compensate for the heaviness). Add about 1 cup oatmeal to a batter that will feed a family of 4. You will have moist pancakes filled with fiber and protein that also make easy take along snacks for kids that you can feel good about.  

bowl of oatmeal

The REAL Breakfast of Champions

If I don’t have leftover oatmeal, I just start the batter in a bowl by adding dried oatmeal and a little hot water to soak up for a few minutes before I add the other ingredients. This fortifies a pancake batter, especially one with white flour. For those who squirm at the thought of healthy pancakes, they can’t even tell because oatmeal is basically white. For people with constipation problems, this takes the antagonist out of the pancake and makes it friendly and even helpful in the process, especially if you add the flax seeds too (whole are preferred-just a couple of tablespoons).  

My best taste test for this idea was a holiday gathering of my husband’s relatives from Mexico. I made a huge restaurant tray filled with these pancakes made with    


Pancakes Don't Have to Hurt

leftover oatmeal that also had whole flax seed added. I kept them in the oven to stay warm, covered with tin foil. After the main meal was over, two-by-two, the kids and teenagers kept sneaking into the kitchen to get a few more because they didn’t dry out like other pancakes do. Pretty soon the tray was empty. I was happy because I knew these kids had more than just simple carbs but hearty ones filled with much more than calories. I never heard a word or complaint about the flax seeds either.  

Another nice thing about these tips and most all of the others I will share is that they are fairly inexpensive, which has always been a priority for me, even if I am cooking for a wealthy family. Oats and flax seeds, when bought at a normal location other than Whole Foods Market, are extremely inexpensive and amazingly fortifying foods  

flax seeds

Amazing & Inexpensive Flax Seeds

 that you can sneak into most anything! (more recipes on those later)  

And, what is healthy and tasty and inexpensive for children is healthy and tasty and inexpensive for everyone else as well.  

The saying “those who laugh last laugh loudest” really applies to oatmeal today. For years, people have thought I was nuts for only eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast (most days at least). Protein crazy-carb-fearing fanatics had no respect for the perfection of oatmeal until today with the endorsements of celebrities like Madonna and Arnold Schwarznegger, which means that they may actually embrace this idea and let themselves enjoy a bowl of oatmeal and even a pancake now and then!  

I hope you enjoy the new format of this blog and feel free to add your own creative, nutritious concoctions to the comments section too. You know what I say, “There is never a bad time for good information.”  

Happy Trails,  

Granny Pants

P.S. Forgive my redundancies, because again, this is NOT a book!

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Environmentally Friendly Choice

This poster is awesome! It says it all! These are available through the following link:  THIS is the kind of thing we should be seeing on billboards, don’t you think? There are also many other precious posters available through the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Enjoy! Spread the Good Word and Spread these Precious Images!  These days, it seems I am back in breastfeeding la la land! As my life with children continually passes through many phases from pregnancy through the teenage years, all I can say about this current moment is Sweet, Sweet, Sweet and how lucky and blessed I am!

Granny Pants

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10 Ways Every Adult Can Support a Breastfeeding Mother


People in a Mother's Environment Influence Her Breastfeeding Success or Failure

People in a Mother's Environment Influence Her Breastfeeding Success or Failure

“1. WHENEVER YOU SEE A NURSING MOTHER,  PRAISE HER FOR HER CHOICE TO BREASTFEED. For new mothers, the first few weeks can be a challenging adjustment, but difficulties do not mean failure. Persistence will result in success and many, many precious moments. (If a new mother has questions or doubts, encourage her to seek help from informed and knowledgeable professionals or successful, experienced nursing mothers instead of from trendy blog posts or mothers who did not have breastfeeding success. (For a reputable site, go to:

2. BE AWARE THAT THERE CAN BE RISKS IN INTRODUCING ANYTHING OTHER THAN BREASTMILK DURING THE FIRST SIX MONTHS. Risks may include a higher incidence of illnesses, ear infections, all allergies, obesity, diabetes, diarrhea, malnutrition, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

3. REINFORCE MOTHER THAT SHE HAS  PLENTY  OF MILK FOR HER BABY. Remind her that breast milk is produced by supply and demand. Supplementing her baby with other fluids will reduce a mother’s milk supply. Plenty of healthy fluids help mother produce plenty of milk. (Offer a breastfeeding mother a glass of water, milk, or juice every time she sits down to nurse.)

4. PROVIDE NURSING MOTHERS WITH A COMFORTABLE & SUPPORTIVE PLACE TO FEED her baby without shame or self-consciousness—even in public.

5. OFFER TO HELP MOTHERS WITH NON-FEEDING NECESSITIES like cooking, cleaning, and shopping so mothers can rest and enjoy dedicated feeding and crucial bonding moments with their babies.

6. INSIST THAT ALL THOSE AROUND A MOTHER  REFRAIN  FROM CONVERSATIONS THAT INSTILL DOUBT IN HER MILK SUPPLY. If a mother is feeling nervous, frustrated, inadequate, or fearful that she is starving her baby, her ‘let-down reflex’ may not release her milk, due to a stress response—even when she has plenty of milk! Babies with a higher need to suck are not necessarily hungry and may benefit from a pacifier or a frontal baby carrier in-between feedings.

7.  ENCOURAGE A MOTHER TO EXTEND HER TIME AT HOME WITH HER BABY BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK. Encourage mother to continue nursing while working with a breast pump and supportive caregivers/employers.

8.  PLAN AHEAD FOR TRAVEL STOPS during outings, vacations, or extended travel. Normal stops are about every two hours for feedings and diaper changes.

9. VISIT THE MOTHER AT HOME. Bring the entertainment to Mom, or make it easy for her to get out with her baby. Do not pressure a mother to leave her baby at home during feeding times.

10. ALWAYS TELL A BREASTFEEDING MOTHER THAT SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS. Maintain a socially acceptable attitude towards a mother’s body image and physiological changes during the breastfeeding period because this first year is the most important investment in a child’s health and development.


 From Chapter 3

THE NEW PHYSICS OF CHILDHOOD: Replacing Modern Myths with Simple Strategies 


by Christina Ivazes, a.k.a. Granny Pants  © 2009


While THE NEW PHYSICS OF CHILDHOOD explores all stages of a child’s life from fetus to adult, Chapter 3 covers the many myths surrounding breastfeeding today. These myths are exposed to give babies and mothers a better chance to succeed in their breastfeeding relationship. 


What we really need to have healthier children is more support for parents to make better choices!


Please pass this important information on to anyone you feel will benefit, while respecting copyright laws.   



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